To start the semester we began with by watching an introductory film called "Steal this Film". In summary the the documentary explored the rapid evolution of illegal downloading software, music and films and how the 'brains' behind the subculture had to adapt along their some what undercover journey.

This culture of readily available and downloadable software began with the birth of Pirate Bay. Pirate Bay were a group of guys who had undeniable impeccable computing skills that found loops holes with in the licensing of the software. This made the pretty much anything available to download for someone with access to the internet. Thus the downloads culture was born and growing at a rapid rate. However, with the population of 'downloaders' increasing Pirate Bay couldn't keep invisible for long. Soon the police were involved and government investigations were put into place with a view of combating and filling in the holes that Pirate Bay had been clever enough to find and jump through.

After the film we then went onto have a install party of downloadable free software. Exploration of the software platforms can be seen below. Some software was explored throughout the term in other workshops such as Font Forge and Ardunio.
I personally felt like Gimp was like using a strange Photoshop. Functions on the tools were not useful and a waste of space.